About Us

School Accredited by Académie Dectro

For 25 years, Académie Dectro has trained thousands of beauty professionals in the vocation of hair removal and aesthetic care. Known as having one of the best educational programs within the field, Académie Dectro has extended its reputation worldwide.

Our training center is partnered with the internationally established global leader, Dectro International, who manufactures the most innovative technologies in hair removal and aesthetic care. Our students have the privilege of receiving highly reputable education using the most advanced and latest technologies, thus opening the door to a very promising career.

Give yourself the experience of a lifetime with our Académie Apilus Electrolysis Program and Académie Apilux IPL Program!

Become a Permanent Hair Removal Specialist!

Electrolysis is the only 100% permanent hair removal method for all skin and hair types. Starting your career in this domain will allow you to meet the public’s ever-growing demand for a permanent method of hair removal. After having completed this comprehensive course, you will be able to master the most advanced permanent hair removal techniques in the world, by using the most technologically advanced computerized Apilus devices. With our international expertise, our state-of-the-art equipment and ultramodern facilities, you are sure to become an exceptional electrologist and/or IPL professional.

What is Electroepilation?

Electroepilation permanently eliminates hair growth by inserting a small probe into the natural opening of the hair follicle and emitting an ultra-fast current. Thanks to today's technology, the sessions are very comfortable, fast and 100% effective for all types of clients.

What is Photoepilation?

Photoepilation is hair removal using light. Flashes of light penetrate the skin, pigmented hair absorbs the light, then is converted into heat, destroying the hair, bulb, and germinative cells. Photoepilation is a great choice for large areas of the body that are very time consuming with electrolysis, for those who qualify. Since the hair must have pigmentation, photoepilation does not work on white, blonde, or red hair nor does it work well on dark skin.

LASER and IPL Hair removal are very popular, but Limited

  • No result on white, blonde and red hair
  • Lower efficiency on dark skin
  • Unsafe on eyebrows
  • Can be risky on the face for most
  • 20% regrowth or more depending on the skin photo type

Avoid the Loss of an Important Customer Base and Substantial Revenues with Electroepilation

  • The only 100% definitive hair removal method
  • For all colors of skin and hair, including dark skin and light hair
  • Safe for face and eyebrows
  • Even if you already offer photoepilation in your clinic, the addition of electrolysis will allow you to master all hair removal techniques.
  • Electroepilation is an essential complement to photoepilation
  • You will be able to answer all the needs of your customers and, above all, complete unfinished areas, allowing for 100% client satisfaction